U.S. Senate Passes D.A.R.K. Act

Please note that Senators Murray and Cantwell supported consumers by voting “NO” on this bill.  Take a moment and send them a thank you.  Remember—this bill still has to make its way through the House, survive a full vote in Congress and be signed into law by President Obama. Let’s keep the Senators who voted with us by showing our thanks!  Senator Murray 202-224-2621, Senator Cantwell 202-224-3441

A few days ago the U.S. Senate passed what is being called the DARK Act that would nullify Vermont’s GE food labeling law – and any future attempts in other states for mandatory, on-package GE labeling legislation. This is a serious setback in transparency for informed food choices but we’re not giving up yet.

If this bill passes the House, it could go straight to President Obama for his signature. The President is our best hope to stop this bill. While campaigning for president, he said he stood with Americans in saying we have the right to know whether the food we’re eating has been genetically engineered. Please help us make sure he remembers the promise he made that helped get him elected.

Please call Congressman Rick Larsen and urge him to vote “no!”                             His phone in WA DC is 202.224.3121

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 (6-2 Pacific time).

Key points to make when you call:

  • The Food and Drug Administration says it would be difficult for any GE food to get labeled under the bill’s narrow definition of “bioengineering.”
  • Allowing QR codes or websites instead of on-package labeling discriminates against people without smart phones and is meant to avoid transparency.
  • Soy, corn and canola oil; sugar from GE sugar beets; glyphosate-ready crops; most Bt crops, and GE salmon could be exempt.
  • This bill tramples on states’ rights by revoking four state laws that were established democratically.
  • No penalties for non-compliance.

This watered down proposal would preempt four state labeling laws while not requiring any meaningful labeling at all.

Please call Rep. Rick Larsen and the President. Thank you!