Community Endorsements

“The farmers throughout San Juan County keep my family fed with the healthy, natural, and local foods that we want. And I would love to see it stay that way!”
—Matthew Rabel

“GMO’s are a corporate intrusion we can’t afford if we seek a healthy food system. We as citizens deserve the choice.”
—Jim Lawrence, Thirsty Goose Farm

“GMO Free San Juan County…
As owners and operators of a small, USDA/WSDA certified organic farm in SJC the current ballot initiative for creating a GMO free county has a lot of potential for the future of agriculture in our area. We support this concept and initiative as it will allow our geographical distance from the mainland to once again be used to create several future economic benefits for farms, farmers and the local consumer. We see these benefits as being 1) a chance to become a leading source for certified organic seed production; 2) organic crop production with a better chance of being free of GMO; and 3) a more certain reality for the consumer that organic, GMO free produce, fruit, dairy and meat products from local sources are true to their source.”
—Bruce and Colleen Howe-Gregory, Mitchell Bay Farm & Nursery, Friday Harbor, WA.
WSDA Certified Organic #1340

“As an organic farmer and grower since 1971, I strongly support and urge all San Juan County citizens to support the movement to gain GMO- Free status for the islands. Genetically modified seeds and foods are NOT the same as selective or line breeding. Monsanto and other companies doing this work are actually invading the true organism and rearranging, changing, deleting or, in the case of “Round Up Ready” seeds, are making these seeds “accept” a proven toxic substance! Additionally, any regular seed contaminated by these GMO seeds through cross pollination are irrevocably changed, and Monsanto has sued for legal rights to other farmers’ seeds and grains produced from these cross POLLINATIONS, claiming that the farmer did not “get permission” to “use” their seed. Also, any farmer or grower who is organic could “loose” (in reality be ROBBED) of their organic qualification as USDA Certified Organic WHICH means NO GMO. Lastly, if San Juan County could follow in the footsteps of several forward thinking countries – such as France, and several African countries, and get GMO – free established now, THEN WE could become a great, safe place that could supply GMO free seeds to the rest of the country and even the world! Author and scientist, Barbara Kingsolver has a great essay – “A Fist in the Eye of God” where she explains the looming worldwide disaster that is the perpetuation of genetically modified seed. It can be found online and, I believe, in the book entitled Animal, Vegetable, MINERAL: A Year of Food Life. Please educate yourselves about this very important issue.
—Marta Nielson, Rainbow Chicken Ranches, Olga, WA

“I am a San Juan Island gardener who grows a substantial amount of the food my family eats year-round. I supply some specialty crops for the local market and raise seasonal vegetable, herb and perennial nursery starts for sale from a farm stand on our property. My family is committed to growing, selling and consuming GMO-free seed, farm products and processed foods. We stand with farmers and consumers and a growing number of nations world-wide who oppose corporate control of, and experimentation on, the world’s food supply by companies like Monsanto. Farmers big and small have the right to produce food free of contamination from genetically modified organisms beyond their fence line. Consumers have the right to nutritious, safe food. Until the US FDA and the Department of Agriculture truly represent the interests of all farmers and consumers, it will be necessary for communities like ours to enact safeguards to ensure consumer choice and access. The Strehlou Meiland family supports a county-wide ban on the cultivation of GMO-contaminated food.”
—Sandy Strehlou, San Juan Island

“This to express our support for San Juan County Initiative Measure No. 2012-4, which would prohibit the growing of genetically modified organisms in open systems such as agriculture and landscaping.
Having worked in the natural products grocery industry for the past decade (eight of those here on Lopez Island), we are well versed on this issue and know how important it is to our customers and to the local ecology.
A ban on GMOs in San Juan County would protect our island agriculture from genetic pollution and legal burdens that inevitably descend wherever GMOs have been planted. It also would help people eating vegetables, fruits, and grains grown in the islands to know they are avoiding GMOs, an important feature in a country where GMOs are not required to be labeled. (We understand that GMO livestock feeds would still be allowed to be imported to the islands.)
Finally, our geographic isolation, if protected by a legal ban on GMOs, could allow our islands’ agriculture to become a safe-haven from the genetic pollution spreading slowly across mainland landscapes. The islands could become an ideal location for developing new non-GMO seed varieties, both for local use and for export. As the demand for organic and other non-GMO agricultural products continues to climb worldwide, having a clean source of genetically acceptable seed-stock will become essential and valuable. At one time, these islands were the “Fruit Basket of the Northwest,” with all the concomitant benefits to the local economy and ecology. With the protection of this ban, we could soon become the “Seed Basket of the Northwest,” signaling another revitalization of the local economy and ecology.
On behalf of our customers, our staff, and our community, we thank you for your leadership on this important issue, and we offer this effort our whole-hearted support. Please let us know how we might help.”
—Brian & Jennell Kvistad, Blossom Organic Grocery

“For years I have saved seed from our garden and enjoyed local organic honey. I have noticed the expansion of small farms, and the desire of young people to grow healthy food. All this is at risk if we let GMO’s invade our island. GMO’s are not safe, they don’t create better yields, and they force us to buy seed from the big conglomerates, rather than getting seed from our neighbors or local entrepreneurs. It is one more freedom lost, and one less opportunity for increasing local economic development. I am so grateful that we are finally standing up for ourselves as islanders who appreciate healthy living.”
—Rhea Miller, former County Commissioner, SJCounty

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