GMO-Free LogoWelcome to our web site.  GMO-Free San Juan County established a GMO-free growing region in 2012.  The people of San Juan County elected to prohibit the growing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) grown for human and animal consumption.  We have a unique advantage here in the San Juan Islands to protect our farmland from the invasion of GMO crops.  A number of studies over the past decade have revealed GMOs pose severe risks to humans, domestic animals and the environment.  Some of these issues are the increase of food allergies, immune suppression, the increase of some cancers, and the digestive disorders causing obesity and diabetes.  It is a documented fact that GMOs do not feed the world.  The continued use of GMOs in agriculture is the continuation of non-sustainable, chemically dependent, and energy intensive practices.

•  It is our contention that not enough research has been done to prove that these organisms are safe to eat.

•  We elected to prohibit the growing of GMOs because we believe unequivocally, GMOs are just plain bad news for the environment.

•  The citizens of San Juan County believe that eating pesticides is harmful to the well being of our bodies.

•  The isolation of our county provides a unique economic opportunity to produce uncontaminated seed and plants.

•  Initiative 2012-4 protects our farmers’ rights to grow and maintain pure, natural seed, produce, and livestock feed.

•  Initiative 2012-4 protects our rights against corporate control of our food supply.

Please contact us if you have questions about how we were able to establish ourselves as a GMO-Free growing region!

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